About Us
Sweet Lime Village Homeowners Association
PO Box 24271, Christiansted, VI 00824

The Sweet Lime Village community includes the residents of 30 detached condominiums in the Carambola valley. With some part-time residents and some full-time residents (including children), we're small enough for an engaging neighborhood feel.
Located in a serene rain forest setting of the Carambola valley — the tropical flora and fauna of the Caribbean is at our doorstep. Iguanas, white-tailed deer, mongooses, falcons, egrets, herons, tree frogs and geckoes all inhabit our lush ecosystem. There are also beautiful species of trees and flowering plants that include hibiscus, saman, flamboyants and rubber trees. You can pick local mangos, avocados or admire the more than twenty varieties of palms that you'll find throughout the property.

Our Association is governed by a seven member Board elected to serve three year terms.  Day to day affairs fall to our manager, who is assisted by our two full-time gardeners, Michael and Tony. The Association is always open to hearing from you. Please let us know any questions or concerns that you may have. Thanks!


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