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Posted on Jan 12th, 2021
In 2020, VI Paving resurfaced the roadway from Unit 24 down the hill to unit 41. Drainage improvements were added and additionally, the parking area across from units 15-18 was enlarged and drainage improved. The new surfaces look and works great. 
New Pool Fences
Posted on Oct 5th, 2019
If we don't want to have this:
then a new fence around our pools is the answer.
The SLVHOA Board is currently having new fencing installed around both pools. They will have a childproof latch so no key will be necessary.  This brings both pools up to USVI code and could prevent a child drowning accident. The fiberglass bottom installed after Hurricane Maria looks great as well is the redone concrete decking. Thank you Board and our Manager Dave Sommers for working hard to make this necessary upgrade.
Roof Painting
Posted on Feb 20th, 2019
Greg Lindeman's paint crew are diligently going Unit by Unit to put our roofs in "tip-top" shape. This is no ordinary painting. Our Operations Manager Dave Sommers, insisted that Greg reduce his crew from 8 to only 4 of his best painters. They are repairing or replacing any of the metal flashing damaged by Hurricane Maria. Next, any old paint bubbles were scraped and repaired. The fascia had all nails counter-sunk and caulked to prevent rust. The fascia then received a new coat of paint. Finally, the roofs were coated to give us years of use before needing another coat. Dave is up on the roof daily to check progress and to certify that the job is done right.

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